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Flash And Flex Development
Flash And Flex Development
The Adobe Flash Platform is an integrated set of technologies surrounded by an established ecosystem of support programs, business partners, and enthusiastic user communities. Together, they provide everything you need to create and deliver the most compelling applications, content and video to the widest possible audience.
Flex is a free, open source framework for building highly interactive, expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns. MXML, a declarative XML-based language, is used to describe UI layout and behaviors and ActionScript 3, a powerful object-oriented programming language, is used to create client logic. Flex also includes a rich component library with more than 100 proven, extensible UI components for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs), as well as an interactive Flex application debugger.

RIAs created with Flex can run in the browser using Adobe Flash® Player software or on the desktop on Adobe AIR, the cross-operating system runtime. This enables Flex applications to run consistently across all major browsers and on the desktop. And using AIR, Flex applications can now access local data and system resources on the desktop.
  • Applications with video
  • Mobile applications
  • Home device applications
  • Social applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Consumer applications
  • Rich media marketing
Benifits of using Flash And Flex :
  • Developer productivity
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 integration
  • Ease of use
  • Cross-platform applications
  • Adobe AIR integration
  • Open source, standards-based framework
  • Advanced data services
  • Enhancements to existing projects
  • Scalability
With the growing need of interactive and eye catching web sites, we have pionnered in developing Rich Internet Applications. We provide service like banner advertising, flash animations, Rich Internet Application (RIA's) using flex, presentations and intros. We have a proffessional and experienced teammates for such developments.
Flash ActionScript and Flex Services

Web Based:Flash being the best platform on web for content, both based on application and animation with its interactive elements. Following are the services being provided by us.
  • Video Player
  • Image Gallery
  • Rich Internet Application
  • Flash Banner (Static/Dynamic)
  • Music Player
  • Database Application
  • Map Application
  • Components
  • Virtual Tour
Animation Based: Flash animation whether based on character or on base of web graphics like banners and full flash sites, presentations, logo animation, splash pages and more ..
  • Presentation
  • Animated Banner
  • Splash Page
  • Animated Website
  • 2D/Cell Animation
  • Vector/Character Animation
  • Logo Animation
  • Help/Guide in Flash
Desktop Based Flash applications :
  • Screen Saver
  • Widgets
  • Presentation
  • Application
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